About Me

I’m Nikkie- I am a Christian who is a CFO and has Pink Hair and I love teaching Sunday School.

My life is crazy and crazy busy.

I drive my husband nuts and I don’t leave the fur-babies alone…

I will not be that friend who cries with you or coddles you but I will go to the ends of earth for you.

Curse way too much.


So obsessed with fashion and fight with my inner mean girl all the time…

UPS is at my door everyday… I love to shop…


I hope I can be that voice for someone else who didn’t get their happy ending… Childless BUT NOT BY choice. I want to help other ladies so they don’t have to feel like this anymore



Not good enough

Unfortunately I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and find every fault with yourself… You need to be perfect and look perfect… perfect doesn’t exist… so your chasing something that never could be…

It’s exhausting….

You were never enough us what you thought…. You hated feeling like this…

BUT little by little you can start to build my confidence back up about Yourself.

I started to let the light shine on my darkness.

Will I ever find peace about not being a mom, I don’t know but I do know I will keep trying.

I want other gals to never ever think not enough is relevant to them….

Say good –bye to your mean girl and start to love yourself…I am….

Don’t you want to learn to be kind to yourself and become the best version of you?