MY Love Affair with Heels…My Love for Purses


To say I have a love for shoes is an understatement… BUT don’t we all…? Heels can make you feel powerful, beautiful and important. However they not only transform your outfit but they lift your spirits.

The higher the heel the better the shoe. Casual shoes can be just as fun. Espadrilles with fun patterns or sneakers with a pop of color. Of course I gravitate towards crazy and bold.  

Booties are great in the Fall or Spring. They go great with a pair of jeans, a mini skirt or even a cute dress. They look great with jeans cuffed and a baggy loose sweater.

Love Affair with Boots

Boots…. It’s time to pull them forward in your closet. Throw on a pair of jeans or leggings with a loose long blouse. Then top the whole outfit off when you slip on a pair of ankle boots or even knee high boots. Be daring wear a pair with a splash of color. It will make your whole outfit.

Now to my favorite, obviously these are why I have a love affair with HIGH HEELS they don’t have to be just worn with dressy clothes or business attire. They look fabulous with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Be BOLD and wear a bright patterned heel. They will stand out…

First of all you can wear sneakers and still look stylish… I Love API- Athletic Propulsion Lab

My love affair includes these API’s. OMG these sneakers are not only comfortable running shoes they are stylish… -The ultimate intersection of luxury and performance, the APL TechLoom Bliss running shoe travels with you through all aspects of your life.

Performance design is at the forefront of our newest running silhouette in Beach /Rose Dust / Burgundy; the TechLoom Wave.

Second of all I can’t leave out my COACH Sneakers…

My favorite brands are

TOMS, Nine West, Coach & Christian Louboutin,

Lets talk Purses…

Who doesn’t love themselves a Louie

My Love for Purses….

Shoes & Purses

This LKV Artsy with the Damier Azur pattern with matching wallet I love in the summer.

I actually use this wallet when I travel and we go out at night as a clutch. I can even put my phone in it.

Yes I do have a purse like a bowling ball bag.

I love my LV backpack it is great for traveling or even running errands. They do not make this style anymore.

My not so favorite one is the ALMA MM. But it seems to be one of their best sellers.

I am a big fan of Louis Vuitton Purses and Wallets. I love to Match the wallet to the Purse.

This by far my FAVORITE LV purse… It is the one I am currently using. It is the Neonoe bag and the Rose Poudre Ballerine Zippy Empreinte Wallet. They do not have this color wallet in stock but they have other colors.

Check out Shop my Favs- http://racinginheels.org/category/shop-my-faves/

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