Meet Ashley-


Ashley is a Mom, thrifter and reseller from Vest Virginia!

“I actually got started as sort of a fluke really (for lack of better words). My husband and I were up late one weekend (this was a whole kid ago, so we had that kind of peace then) and I saw another Poshmark commercial that I had been seeing a lot of at that time. You know the one where the girl bought the Louboutin’s for only $100….hehe…yeah, that one! I asked my husband if he thought it was legit (I had no idea in late 2018 that Posh had been around since 2011, just to give you an idea of how foreign “reselling” was to me at that time.) He thought that it was, and so I decided to drag a bunch of older handbags out of the closet that I had hoarded and not used in forever. I thought, there is no way someone wants these old bags.”

She had no idea how fast they would sell!

I made my first sale within the first 30 minutes and I was floored. I then sold the others that very night. New user algorithm in my favor at the time? Who knows, but I immediately started getting traffic on the listings.”

From there she was hooked!

As someone who’s been in the industry for over 2 years now I had to ask her what advice she has for re-sellers who are just getting started.

“Start with your own closets first. This is a great way to feel out the platforms and learn the logistics of the whole thing.”

She also noted that you don’t have to go out and spend a ton of money on lighting and cameras when you’re first starting out.

“Natural lighting works just fine!”

Feeling the urge to stock up on a ton of inventory when you’re first starting out? “Before you start sinking a bunch of money on inventory, research comps and what is selling! We have all made some bad buys in the beginning, but you want to minimize that as much as possible.”

Over the past 2 years, Poshmark and re-selling have changed Ashley’s life immensely!

“This is simple: Extra income, a reason to shop (thrift), it gives me a creative outlet that I crave, and friends that I have made along the way (thanks to IG.)”

Want to check out Ashley’s awesome closet and unique thrifted finds for yourself? Check her out on Instagram and Poshmark!

Instagram: Alexberkposh

Poshmark: ashleylgilman

Mercari: ashleylgilman

Depop: ashleylgilman

Etsy:  EclecticLifeVintage

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