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My Why…

My why – I wanted to start a blog… I wanted to help other ladies… so they don’t have to feel like how I used to feel and (sometimes still still do) anymore
Unworthy…Unwanted…Unloved…Not smart enough…I know what it’s like to look in the a mirror and find every fault with the way you look… I need to be perfect and look perfect… perfect doesn’t exist… so I was chasing something that never could be… It’s exhausting….I was never enough is what I thought…..So how could I be pretty…I hated feeling like this…. I wanted and needed a change……So I closed my eyes and jumped right on this train heading right towards my life changing journey…I started to exercise??‍ and made friends with an army ??‍of ladies all wanting to build me up not tear me down….No judging, No critiquing… just support… My confidence had started to build and I decided to start to try and eat better and get over the fear I have with food. Which is really big for me. ….I have an issue with food and have my whole life. It’s really a big thing for me making this change…..You can call it an eating disorder in some form…….. slowly I am trying new things and ?eating them…I want other gals to never ever think not enough is relevant to them….I want you to not look at another girl and wish you were her…Say good –bye to your mean girl and start to love yourself…  I am….do you want to learn to be kind to ??yourself and become the best version of yourself ….? Maybe if you see my journey and see how I have the sparkle back in my eye you will want the same….I still have much more to change… BUT I am willing to do the work to get there… You see you have nothing to lose and only happiness in your soul to gain…I added recipes fun, delicious healthy foods. I love fashion. This blog combines things that I love to do and also who I am and who I am becoming.