Mother’s Day is Just another reminder

Why Mother’s day HURTS…? It’s just another reminder.

I HATE Mother’s day…I am only telling the truth.

Your heart HURTS as you scroll through social media and see all these babies and happy mother’s day pictures.

There are NO words to explain your hurt . But being rejected by motherhood is a different type pain.

Your body aches for a baby so badly buy she is never in reach.

It is just another reminder a mother never picked you for her baby. Birth mothers have the right to choose. To be told that something about you wasn’t sufficient is a HARD pill to swallow.

To be rejected by motherhood twice… first your body FAILS you and then you fail yourself.

So you see that day is NOT a special day for some of us. It’s a day that is thrown in our faces and we can’t be celebrated.

The moms celebrating on Mother’s Day look up at the same stars as you do at nighttime. Thriving & surviving with their babies, maybe once they were in your position. BUT she got the happy ending.

You won’t THROW that ridiculous first birthday party or see her first few steps.

How do you come to PEACE with the WAR between your heart & your body?

Mother’s day leaves you negotiating your WORTH with yourself. It’s a battle few can understand. So today is just another reminder that you failed & still NO Baby.

To know you will never be a mom breaks you in ways you never thought you could hurt.

What do we do on Mother’s day

We mourn those babies we have LOST and mourn the ones we will NEVER have.

So don’t LOOK down on us you as you will never know the lengths that most of us have gone through to try to be a mom… What might be so easy for you is so far away for us.

All the healing and work you have done on yourself just goes right out the door On Mother’s Day and you have to start all over again.

So please understand why today is NOT a day of celebration for us.

To that woman who hates Mother Day too, I hear you and I feel for you. You are NOT alone. STAY off Social Media that day and go do something that you might enjoy. KEEP yourself really busy.

Just know you are not alone.

Who else hates Mother Dayr Mother’s Day?

Find More Help with getting through Mothers day- https://youtu.be/0IrsqpRuxDk

More about my childless journey –http://racinginheels.org/category/my-childless-journey/

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