Inner Meal Girl

My Inner Mean Girl

There’s something I need to tell you…

I have an Inner Mean Girl. She is always telling me I can’t do things and she constantly makes me feel like I’m not good enough… I don’t completely despise her. She does tend to push me which I don’t think bad thing.

“You’re not smart enough for that position” she said. When anything good happens in my life she could be so cruel.

“Whoa girl, it’s time for Botox again.” She said to me a few weeks ago when I was a few days late scheduling my next appointment.

 “Ugh, you can’t even zip up your skinny jeans, girl ” you’ve got to get it together, girl”. That is what she tells me.

We all have her, don’t we?

Where she comes from and the damage she does is different for all of us.  She is really good at saying things that hurt. How do we stop her?

How do we break the cycle?

Everything we say to ourselves matters. Our inner critic isn’t harmless! It limits us & prevents us from pursuing the life we truly want to live. When was the last time she talked you out of something you wanted more than anything in the world?

It robs us of not liking ourselves. If you let her go on long enough, it can lead to some serious shit. You can become depressed, have anxiety and just hating on yourself.

 Our Mean Girl doesn’t like attention, she hides in the shadows. Watch out all of a sudden she will pounce when you least expect it.

She doesn’t want us to notice her until she has you trapped.

When we make the mistake of thinking she is part us she will flourish . However, she doesn’t belong. She doesn’t need to have a seat at your table anymore.

 You need to take her power away its important. How will you do that? When she runs her mouth you need to immediately shut that down. I have to remind myself that I was created in God’s image. There is no other like me. 

 The forehead wrinkles? Well, I’m 47… & that’s what happens at this age. (Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m all for doing whatever you can to love yourself more. One of the ways that works for me? Botox! Love the stuff!)

What you need is an Inner Cheerleader

She has to have a strong and louder voice than your Inner Mean Girl to become your best friend that always has your back. She must fight for you and cheer you on.

Let’s invite our cheerleader out to brunch INSTEAD of the inner mean girl this week.

To stop from listening to my Inner Mean Girl I have to believe everything my inner cheerleader says is true, without a shadow of a doubt. I must remind myself of those things when the Mean Girl comes out to taunt me.

My Inner Mean Girl hates being wrong, & the more reasons I come up with to believe my Inner Cheerleader’s battle cries, the less my Inner Mean Girl comes around.

My Inner Mean Girl has always made me struggle with making me feel like a fraud, a fake, so when my  Inner Cheerleader says, “You are not a fraud or fake. You are for real. It is not luck, timing or a lie. You deserve this.” I choose to believe her, and I make that choice every day.

Not a fraud or a fake

It is not luck, timing or a lie. You deserve this. You must grab on to your Inner Cheerleader…. shut her down and kick her to the curb your Inner Mean Girl…

Do you believe in your Inner Cheerleader…? Do you listen to her…? Are you letting her fight for you and cheer you on…?

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