Your Mean Girl-Does she have a name?

Do you have a name for the mean girl inside your head?

The one who says “’your NOT capable” when there is something you want to change… The voice that lets you believe that your dreams and your ambition shouldn’t be a priority.

Behind every self-defeating mask is a lie….YOU believed….YOU rationalized.

That’s why your mean girl is still there — because you let her tie feelings and emotions to things happening around you that don’t need feelings.

YOU must stop defeating yourself by deceiving yourself, by allowing that mean girl to run your life.

Don’t give her the power of fear anymore. Fear can make you unwise, fear can make you foolish. I am not enough she says… I am not capable. Don’t believe her lies.

Let her be faceless and nameless. She doesn’t deserve a seat at your table.

Expose your doubt. Your mean girl will make you question everything. So, learn to DEAL with it…When you have moments of uncertainties step out in faith. Don’t allow doubt or fear to derail you.

Your inner voice is NOT your friend.

What is the TRUTH….you so badly want to start that new business – that promotion –  family.

STOP Listening to the mean girl inside of you..

She is NOT your friend

So next time you hear your inner voice says that your dumb, ugly, fat and unworthy, TELL her to be gone. To seek other ground because there is no room for here anymore. Tell your inner voice- girl goodbye. Then walk away from her and leave there. But don’t ever LOOK back

You hold the cards to your life.  So go and make that change….

BE Fierce

BR Brave

Believe in Yourself

Embrace your imperfections

Let go of I am unqualified

Not capable

Embody who you are… You are who God made you to be

STOP beating yourself up and start saying you DESERVE IT.

Above all don’t let this inner voice cripple you… build an EMPIRE of I  am worthy, I am enough, I am capable and I CAN…. Just do it…

Most importantly the truth is, life WILL throw things our way that feel heavy and out of our control.  So WHEN that happens, You will cross that bridge… but until then,  refuse to let her steal any more joy.

YOU are the gatekeeper of your thoughts…NOT her 

It is your feelings so guard it carefully.

Just REMEMBER your body is precious, your mind is extraordinary and you soul is courageous


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