Dress Down

I love to dress down dresses, pants and so much more.

The definitions of “dress down”: dress casually especially for reasons of fashion–You wear clothes less formal– A situation characterized by unnecessarily informal or lackluster clothing–The wearing of clothes socially regarded as being appropriate for only events less formal than the occasion at which one is wearing them.

It can also mean Friday’s are dress down at work. Which means you don’t have to wear a suit or blazer and skirt or a business suite. You can usually wear jeans, T-shirt, polo shirt and sneakers or flats. Business casual they call it.

BUT see dress down as fun and stylish. Let yourself be daring and creative. You can take formal and wear casual and still look chic.

Some of your staple pieces you have in your closet like a a pair of ankle boots, sneakers, baseball cap or hat, scarf, leather jacket and belt you can wear to for a more casual outfit.

Black Leather Jacket

I love wearing a leather jacket with a dress. You put on a black leather jacket with a tight fitting dress or a flowy one and it gives you a badass edge. A leather jacket can be ageless. However the key is to take an elegant look and make it a classic. But the best thing about a leather jacket, you can also dress it up with jeans and heels.


Lets talk about Chelsea boots aka: combat boots or a pair of ankle boots. They don’t just look good with leggings they look great with skirts. It gives off a relaxed vibe. You can also wear a t-shirt with a fun logo on it with a skirt and a pair of ankle boots and it will take the edge off of fancy.

Dress Down with Sneakers

One of my favorites is wearing sneakers with a dress, wide leg slacks and skirts. It makes your outfit just look effortless. A pair of simple white sneakers with a frilly dress will give that cool gal vibe. Also, high top sneakers with a skirt is a sought after look.


Baseball hats are such fun. They are normally sporty. So you no longer need the excuse of “I am having a bad day hair” to wear a hat. You don’t need to be wearing sweat pants or workout wear to have a reason to wear a fun hat. Hats that have sport logo’s on them, letters that are all glittered up or just a fun sparkly patch on it gives a playful look. They are in style. A baseball hat with a pair of jeans or a dress it will give you that enviable casual outfit.


Another must have is a denim jacket or denim vest. Denim jacket aka: jean jacket is trendy and so versatile. The denim jacket is a classic piece to have in your closet. If you are wanting to show off your figure you can pair it with a tight fitting dress, but if you want to hide your figure pair it with a flowy dress. When your pair the classic “jean jacket” with a maxi dress it boho vibe. Denim vest looks great with stripped wide leg pants and a sleek bodysuit. Match the vest with a girly skirt and it will give you street style. Denim is great classic trick for a more free and easy laid back look.

Dressing Down should be Effortless and Classic

There are so many other pieces that you can use for a more natural look. Practical T-shirt, stylish scarfs, your go to casual backpack, cool cowboy hat or that much talked about Hermes belt. Layers with a dress are trendy and popular. These are to die for looks. Be Bold with your choices….

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