10,000 Followers Rule

So let’s talk about the 10,000 followers rule on Instagram… and it sucks for us small influencers trying to grow.

I am CFO and oversee all my boss’s companies. He is an entrepreneur. However I want to be my own CFO also.

About 2 years ago I started a side hustle… which has know grown into something I have fallen in love with. I love fashion so I started selling clothes online and styling people…

I have hooked up with some companies as an affiliate and I also have a Like to Know It account.

Here is the problem, I can’t put a link in my stories to these websites, so how do you promote them…?

More then 2 Steps

I can create an HGTV video for over a minute, add a link and share in my stories BUT then that is more than 2 steps for someone.

1- click my story

2- go to bio

3-  click the link

I can also put a link in my bio for what I might be promoting at the time but will I need to change it again and again and again and remember to change it.

SO I created a blog.

The blog link is in my bio. On my blog on the front page you can scroll down on the right and see My FAVORITE Shops. I have all my affiliate links there. I also blog about some sales going on and add the links in my post. That is also is more than 2 steps.

More than 5 Steps

1- click my story

2- go to the link in my bio

3- click the link

4- scroll down my blog to find what it is a I have in my story

5- click on it

I can also use a link tree, create my buttons/tabs for my links but again that is more then 2 steps.

NOW why would anyone want to do all that. They DON’T.

If you DON’T have 10,000 followers you can’t can’t create a swipe up or sticker icon for a link.

I have 5,260 followers and I refuse to buy followers

Have heard the rumor that some people got the swipe up and they don’t have 10,000 followers? It is a small amount.” Instagram says it’s evaluating whether to expand link access to more accounts in the future” So what maybe down the road…

My business would grow tremendously if I had that option. This ability would be great marketing for me- plus income. Plus your paid for anyone who purchases from those links.

When I buy stuff online, I click the swipe up link or now stickers and purchase the items. I as sure as hell I’m not going to someone’s bio and the do all those steps.

I get some of the reasons you have to work for it… BUT I am working hard for it and yes it prevents spam. BUT it also prevents small business from growing.

Maybe they could lower the threshold or if you could show you have an affiliate relationship with companies… SOMETHING different…

How are you promoting your business without that feature…?

I have lots of tips – http://racinginheels.org/category/tips-tricks/poshmark-tips-tricks/

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