My Do NOTS on Poshmark

Do NOT’S of Poshmark & Nikkie’s Do NOT’S. We have to agree on a certain set of rules called etiquette and politeness. Does and Don’ts.
We must follow their guidelines if we want to sell on their platform—but you should have your own set of principles as a business owner to be professional and have good work ethic‘s. For instance you should have your own set of Do NOT’S. Your customer service should be at a very high standard.

—Do NOT promote your closet on someone else’s listings—that is unprofessional and rude.
—Do NOT make deals on the side—That’s just bad business and shady.
—Do NOT offer to sell somebody something and have them pay for it through PayPal or another form besides through
Poshmark—Your just being devious.

—Don’t sell items that are counterfeit—People are paying for the real thing.

—Do NOT sell make-up that has been used— Gross.

—Don’t sell Cell Phones, Perfumes & Nail Polish—You break the rules they take down your listing & you put your closet in jeopardy of being shut down.

—Always send an offer if somebody likes your item. So when somebody sends you an offer and you think it’s too low always counter back— It’s rude to block them and it’s bad customer service
—Why create a Bundle if you are not going to purchase it?— You are taking away time from the closet owner when you do that.

This is my BIG Do NOT

I feel this is a sign of desperation…

—Do NOT go create a bundle in someone’s closet who does NOT follow you and has NOT liked these items. Especially when its not even their size. In addition If they wanted to buy you stuff they would follow you, like items of yours that actually fit them. You can also hurt someone’s feeling when you are picking a size they can’t fit into.

***Suggestion—DON’T ship a package that is in a reused envelope with somebody else’s address still attached to it. Above all VERY TACKY Remove the address FIRST***

Firstly these are the standards that I choose to conduct my business with. Secondly there are more guidelines and rules for Poshmark. You can find them on Postmark’s website.

What are your Do NOT’S?

Want some other tips & tricks I have http://racinginheels.org/category/tips-tricks/.

Go check out my closet.-https://poshmark.com/closet/anc112672

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