The 10% Discount Offer Rule

10% Rule—- you either love it or hate it….To give an offer you must follow the 10% Discount Offer and offer 10% less than your selling price. Plus the discount in shipping.

After you give your first offer of that item to a specific person or persons you have to keep doing 10% lower than your last offer price per customer. You get to a point that you can’t go any lower.

BUT lets not forget you must give the shipping discount every time you give an 10% offer.

You can have 3 options you much choose from to give your offer. So on top of the discount you will now to have to pay for some portion of the shipping which is usually the customers responsibility.

Option 1 –$5.95 your cost is $1.50. Option 2– $4.99 your cost is $2.46. Option 3– FREE shipping your cost is $7.45.

If the customer counters they will lose the discount in shipping. As a seller I love when they do that. So it will only cost me the 10% discount offer.

If you change the price anybody who liked the item will get a notification.

BUT your new price will not change where you left off on the offer.

So then you can’t do anymore offers to previous customers who have liked the items that you already sent an offer to unless you keep going down another 10 discount offer on top of the previous 10% offer.

After 90 Days you can restart the 10% discount offer per buyer

Or sell it so cheap you don’t make any money.

So then what do you do to get around this discount offer rule?

Do you bundle the item?

Do you re-list the item but then you lose your likes for that item?

I hate this 10% lower rule. 

How do you handle the rule ?

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