Want To Make Some Money?

Have you thought about making some extra FUN money by cleaning out your closet and decluttering your home…?

Do you have STUFF in your closet that you haven’t worn in a long time?

Just think about it, you bought some items and you are not wearing them. So they just sit in your closet. BUT how about making back the money it cost you or even better making a profit.

Have you thought about selling on Poshmark—Mercari—eBay—Facebook Market—Instagram…?

Questions to ask yourself about items in your closet:

  • What have you NOT worn in a year?
  • That expensive dress you bought to wear once?
  • That gift you will NEVER wear?
  • That item you bought but can’t return?
  • Those jeans you loved but don’t FIT in anymore?
  • That rule you can only wear it ONCE if the same people have seen you in it at an event?

NO tags –Awesome

NEVER worn – Perfect
Worn once – GREAT 
Few times – JUST as great

Even if you don’t get what you paid for it, at least you MADE some extra money which is more then what you had and it’s not just sitting in your closet untouched and unworn.

Look to see what those items might be selling for… Keep in mind some stores always have a 20% off coupons or more and it might be an item on sale… Use your best judgement 

Take those items and CREATE your Very Own Poshmark Closet…

But don’t forget to create a really COOL name for your Posh Closet that is so you …

Then go SELL it on Poshmark…

Package it really cute and make it personal …this way you get lots of  great ❤️LOVE Notes for your reviews…

BUT you won’t know unless you try…
Believe in yourself… 
GO for it and go MAKE SOME MONEY…

I have created a checklist you can use to help you clean out your closet and make some money while doing so- https://mailchi.mp/46016d07629f/checklist

If you want some more tips on what to look for in your closet to sell, checkout my video n YouTube- https://youtu.be/1Mb92qNP3D0

Download the Poshmark app and use code: ANC112672 and get $10.00 off your first order…


Check out some Tips & Tricks for Poshmark:

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