Black Friday Sales

Some of my Favorite stores are having huge sales with BIG savings—


Nordstrom Rack




Neiman Marcus


AVEDA Hand Cream-

This is the best hand cream ever. I use the night relief cream also. Since using it my hands are hydrated and no longer dry & cracked.

APL Sneakers

I am so obsessed. They are offering with every pair of sneakers purchased you will get a fre$60 LUX logo 3-Sock gift pack .

My front page of my blog has lots of link to my favorite stores…

Nikola’s Closet

Don’t forget to shop my Poshmark Closet- Nikola’s Closet– My Black Friday sale 30% OFF anting over $30… 15% OFF anything Under $30.

Download the Poshmark app and save $10.00 to use towards a purchase to be used anytime. Use my code: ANC112672


Shop many of my looks- download the Liketoknowit app.

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