I call BULLSHIT on These FAKE Bags

Poshmark is allowing thes listings of fake bags. I have reported these closets so many times but nothing changes.

I have an authentic Louis Vuitton backpack and purchased it from the Orlando store and I paid $2100 plus tax for mine. It is just absolutely impossible paying $246 for one. And if that actually is happening that person has no knowledge about what an LV purse is or they just want to give money away.

To each their own if you want to purchase fake bags that is somebody’s personal choice.

But you should know that you’re buying fake bags and not authentic bags. If you wanting a fake bag that is great.

I feel bad for the people that actually think they’re getting authentic bags

So Don’t hold your breath cause you’re not getting a brand new LV pocketbook at those very cheap prices. The least expensive one they have now on their site is $790 and it a very small one about the size of a wallet. The second least was $1,140.

Let’s talk about these wallets. They have a wallet for $248. Not in a million years are you getting a real one at that price.

I am a big fan also of their scarves… you can’t get one for $250 either.

Authentic Bags

Now to be honest I’m no connoisseur of authentic bags nor do I claim to be one but I do know there’s no way in hell they’re that cheap, unless you’re buying a used one that is beat up because even a used nice one it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. They are fake bags when cheap prices.

Not everyone thinks you should pay that kind of money on handbags, wallets scarves and so much more. My mon thinks I am nuts for buying an LV wallet for $1200. I love this brand, so I do pay that kind of money for authentic bags.

High End/ Name Brand Bags, Heels and Scarves is not for everyone.. BUT for me it is.

So maybe when hell freezes over you can get one that cheap but until then I just call bullshit…

If you want buy some real Authentic pieces : https://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/homepage

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