Package Your Item Like It’s a Gift

When I started selling on Poshmark I had read that you should Package your item like it’s a GIFT.
So you know me, of course I RAN with it.

I wanted it to represent me- sassy and over the top but also be classy. Your customer will feel like they are getting a gift. I invested in buying some fun tissue paper. Also I got really cool poly mailers. Then I went all out and had thank you cards made -2 different sizes. PLUS, a really cute tags for each items that says don’t forget to leave a review. It also has the Poshmark Logo and my handle ID for that platform. Top it off with some really sassy stickers.

  • Every one of my love notes from Poshmark or Reviews on Mercari all reflect back on my packaging
  • Make it personal…
  • PRETTY tissue paper with a sticker that says “you have great taste”…
  • Thank you note….
  • Business card…
  • Tag with “please don’t forget to leave me a review”…
  • Decorative poly mailers…
  • And let’s not forget the sticker on the outside that says “pretty LITTLE things inside”…

I also put in positive affirmation cards——truthbomb cards are MY favorite to stuff in…

How do you STAND OUT… from all the others….?

Packaging Tags

There are millions of people all doing the same thing as you..
STAND OUT and Try new things- Package your item like it’s a gift

BUT I think a great way to stand out is have FUN with it and use CUTE Packaging….

3 TIPS to to Packing Your Item Like It’s a Gift that will make you STANDOUT…. It will help you with your love notes and help you get repeat customers….

Use Fun Tissue Paper

Enclose a CARD or TAG that reminds them to leave you a love note or review

But don’t forget a hand signed THANK YOU note

All that great packaging is great BUT it would suck if you opened it and the item is rolled up and wrinkled because you just shoved it in.

How do YOU ship your items for sale? Do anything special? What are you doing to stand out?

I have bought a lot of my stuff off of Amazon. Here are some great, fun supplies to package your item like it’s a gift.

Tissue Paper- Black & White Poka Dots 28 x 20 – Black & White Striped and White & Gray Poka Dots 20 x30

Poly Mailers-10 x 13 Pink printed with “Obviously you have great taste” White with Shopping Ladies

14.5 x 19 – White printed with ” Hello I am what you have been waiting for.”

6 x 9 –Pink with Purse, Bracelet, Lipstick, Compact, Perfume, Heel, Mascara, Hair Dryer, Shopping Bag

Poly Mailer Varity Pack- White with Black Floral it has 3 Different sizes

Stickers- 2 x 2 Round white with “Pretty Little Things Inside”

More Great ideas-on some ways to stand out from the others

I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

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